How to install a signal repeater kit

antenna repeater working principle

How to install a signal repeater kit

Location for the Repeater: Be away from excessive heat, direct sunlight, moisture and has proper ventilation. Do not place the Signal Booster in an air-tight enclosure.

Location for the outdoor antenna: To be installated on the roof of the building as high as possible to pick up the cellular signal better. Use a cell phone in test mode to find direction which the strongest signal comes from the cell tower.
Location for the indoor antenna: Preferably in the center of where the signal needs to be amplified . A minimum separation distance of 20 vertical feet is necessary for operation. If the inside coverage is not sufficient you may need as much as 80 feet of horizontal separation.

Attach the outdoor & indoor antenna to the repeater: (BTS / IN port of the repeater to the outdoor antenna and the OUT port of the repeater to the indoor antenna.)

Check that all connections are tight . Note: Be careful when plugging the connectors in so as not to bend the center pins on the connectors.

Select a location on the roof of the building to install the Outside Antenna. Use a cell phone in test mode to find the strongest signal from the cell tower. (To get the strongest signal possible, it is very important to set up your Outside Antenna properly. The Inside and the Outside Antennas must be mounted in such a way that they are able to pick up the best possible cellular signal on the outside of the building and provide the best possible signal on the inside of the building.). Mount the Outside Antenna as high as possible facing the cell tower in an area with the best possible signal coverage.

Note: Never point the front of a directional antenna toward the Inside Antenna.

Attach more indoor antennas to cover more rooms by using RF components such as couplers or power spliters. Solutions in picturer and drawing are for your reference.

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